Animation Art

It should come as no surprise to anyone who's ever been to my Cel Gallery that I am an avid collector of Japanese animation cels. However, it has also been my quest for the past ten years or so to find any Teddy Ruxpin animation art that I could possibly find. I started my collection several years ago with the set of four story boards. For many years, that was all the Teddy Ruxpin art I could find. I had nearly resigned myself to the idea that there was simply no artwork left to be found. Then, a miracle. A cel of Ickly Bognostroclum appeared on Ebay. I was determined to get it. I spent a very nervous passover at my aunt and uncle's house in New York wondering if I was going to win. Fortunately, I got it! Not too much later, a bunch of Teddy Ruxpin cels began appearing on Ebay. I couldn't let them go! Not after waiting so long. What you see here is the result of years of waiting, searching, and finally obtaining a dream come true.

None of these are for sale, nor will they ever be. Please do not direct link to these images or use them on any other website, including other Teddy Ruxpin fan sites.

Story Boards

Teddy Ruxpin story boards

My First Teddy Ruxpin art

Come Dream with Me Tonight

Cels from Early Episodes
Cels and Backgrounds from the First 5 Episodes NEW!!

Come and Discover the World with Me

Cels from Later Episodes
Cels and Backgrounds from Later Episodes NEW!!

Adventuring We Go!

Cels from Unknown Episodes
Cels and Backgrounds from Unknown Episodes NEW!!

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