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border image is the official home of Teddy Ruxpin. You can order your very own Teddy Ruxpin talking doll along with several different story sets from Backpack Toys. Don't wait! Order now! Help support Teddy Ruxpin! (You must have the most recent version of Macromedia Flash in order to view most of the content, although without it you can skip to the store.)

First National Pictures is the company that will be releasing the Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin animated series on DVD in North America.
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Creator Pages

The Animated Cartoon Factory - this is the homepage of Brian Lemay, an animator who was layout supervisor on the Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin. Click on Brian's Portfolio to see some of his work on the Teddy Ruxpin cartoon, mostly from episode 29, "Win One for the Twipper".
Jeff Wilson at Canadian - A page for Jeff Wilson, an animator and artist who worked on The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin cartoon series. There's an interview with him at the Teddy Ruxpin Super Site. I've also corresponded with Mr. Wilson, and he was very nice and answered several questions I had about the production of the series.
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Fan Pages

          Mathue's Teddy Ruxpin FAQ
          A Mirror?

This is Mathue Taxion's highly informative Teddy Ruxpin site, including the Teddy Ruxpin Frequently Asked Questions list that he has maintained for more years than I've been on the internet.
The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin Supersite is still under construction, but there's an interview with Ken Forsse (the creator of Teddy Ruxpin), interview with Jeff Wilson (above), a FAQ list, and other information.
Teddy Ruxpin In-fur-mation This is a site with a focus on the animated toys and the people who created the original books and tapes for the Teddy Ruxpin talking toy. - This is another general information site with a an Java chat IRC client, messageboards, fanart and book scans, and other information. They also founded the Teddy Ruxpin webring (below).
moonhare has links to Mathue's page and lyrics to a couple of songs
Twipper has another fan site
MAVO Headquarters is a really nice, recently developed site focusing on the Monsters and Villains Organization

Handsome Tweeg
is a cool site in Russian devoted primarily to everyone's (and especially my) favorite villain, Tweeg!
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General Information

The Big Cartoon Database (formerly TV Tome)

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mavo - a Teddy Ruxpin fan community on Livejournal
trfans - a mailing list for Teddy Ruxpin fans at Yahoo Groups
Teddy Ruxpin Webring at
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