News from the Tower

March23, 2007!

Sorry it's been so long! I added a few cels to the Animation Art page.

October 1, 2005!

I just added a couple of things to the Animation Art pages, and added a couple of links to the Links page.

August 21, 2005!

It's been a long and bumpy road for Tweeg's Tower over the years, but here we are with a brand new URL, new layout, new content, and a new sense of determination to make this one of the best Teddy Ruxpin fan sites on the internet. Right now, the front page, news page, links page, and animation art pages are all brand new. I'm still working on reformatting the other pages to work with the new layout - I also have several new and improved character biographies as well as a new format for the map. Eventually, I'd like to add a lot of other content to the page, but it'll take time. Thanks for hanging in with us all these years!

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