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Map and Medallion

Map and Medallion

Teddy found a mysterious map and half a medallion at his home in Grundo. The map appeared to be a treasure map leading to a place called the Hard-to-find City, and the medallion had three words inscribed on it: SPIRIT, TREASURE, and LEDGE. Eventually arriving in the Hard-to-find City, Teddy found the other half of the medallion in the wall of an ancient ruin. Matching the halves together revealed the Treasure of Grundo; six magic crystals. Each crystal was later revealed to have its own unique and special abilities.

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The Seven Crystals of Grundo

All together there are seven magic crystals - six crystals from the Hard-to-find City, and the seventh crystal in the Black Box. Each crystal has amazing abilities, though it sometimes took Gimmick's inventions to utilize those abilities.

The First Crystal's ability
The First Crystal has the power to make things larger and smaller. Gimmick's first crystal-invention was the Reducing-Enlarging Machine (later modified into a portable version). They used this machine many times, got to explore the world of insects, and even gave Wooly a chance to play with his elf and woodsprite friends.
The Multiplication Table The Portable Duplicating Machine
The Second Crystal has the power to create multiple copies of objects. Unfortunately, those copies are unstable and eventually disappear. That is probably less the fault of the crystal than Gimmick's inability to use the crystal to its fullest potential. Gimmick's first machine was called the Multiplication Table. He later reduced the size and turned it into the Portable Duplicating Machine.
The Third Crystal has the power to turn things invisible when a flashlight is shone through the crystal at the correct angle. Reversing the crystal and shining a flashlight through it again will reveal the invisible object or person. Teddy used this crystal to try to infiltrate MAVO headquarters and save the Hermit of Leekee Lake.
The Fourth Crystal's abilities The Subwater Boat
The Fourth Crystal seems to have water-based powers. It can create breathable air underwater, which saved Teddy's life when he was trapped in Leekee Lake. It also turns on the Subwater Boat, an ancient submarine discovered in Leekee Lake. Finally, Gimmick found that he could use the crystal to activate the complicated system controlling the water flow to Nogburt's castle from the Hard-to-find City.
The Fifth Crystal can affect the relative speed of people and objects, speeding them up and slowing them down.
The Sixth Crystal's power was discovered in a complete accident. When orange juice was spilled on the crystal, it flew into the air! The sixth crystal has the power of flight, which was activated by the citric acid in the juice.
The Black Box
The Seventh Crystal is a mysterious crystal. It was not found with the other six in the Hard-to-find City, but is posessed by Quellor, the leader of MAVO. He keeps the crystal in the Black Box, the MAVO symbol of power and authority. The seventh crystal is cracked. When and how it was damaged remains a mystery, though I suspect it happened when it was stolen from the Hard-to-find City. The seventh crystal was originally used as a Memory Library, recording the history and acheivements of the people of the Hard-to-find City. However, when used in the Black Box it does not merely record memories - it steals them! There is only one cure for someone who's memories were erased by the Black Box - if the crystal is reversed in the box, the memories can be restored to their original owner.

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Ancient Artifacts and Crystal-Inventions

Teddy and his friends discovered many ancient and interesting things during their travels.
subwater boat diving suit

The subwater boat was an ancient submarine that could only be activated with one of the magic crystals. They also discovered ancient diving suits that could only fit Illiops like Teddy or the Hermit.

the Crystal Book Chamber the Crystal Book

The Crystal Book was one of the most important discoveries. In a strange tunnel under King Nogbert's Castle, Prince Arin found a chamber. In the center of that chamber was an ancient book. But the book was locked and couldn't be opened! At least, not until one of the magic crystals was inserted into the lock. But the book was written in a language that no one could read. The pictures were very interesting, though. It wasn't until they returned to Rilonia that they found a way to finally read the book. At Teddy's home, his mother produced an ancient tray. When the tray was placed over the text of the book, it became instantly readable. And what an interesting book it is! Would you like to read the Crystal Book? You don't even need a Crystal Tray. Just click on the picture of the book above.

Gimmick created another invention using the magic crystals. It was a device he called the Crystal Stethescope. The Crystal Stethescope has the power to analyze a person's feelings and personality. However, it doesn't work if the person has had their mind affected by the power of the Black Box.

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Other Inventions, Gizmos, and Gadgets

the Airship

The most important of all Gimmick's inventions is the Airship. It's a large wooden boat with a giant hot-air balloon attached. Originally Gimmick had the balloon under the boat, but with some advice he eventually got it to work. Later in the series he made the balloon larger in order to get more lift - with the larger balloon the airship could lift even the Wooly What's-it.


Another of Gimmick's inventions is the Port-A-Bridge. Originally a music machine, Gimmick had to improvise to create a bridge to help save the Fob Babies when they were trapped at Trembly Fault. His bridge was a huge success at King Nogbert's Logic Fair.

The Eclipse

Based on Gimmick's Airship, MAVO constructed The Eclipse. Dark, fast, huge, and threatening, manned by MAVO pirates, it was a monster in the air. It sank into Leekee Lake.

Root Beer

Root Beer is a traditional Octopede beverage. Unlike Root Stew, however, Root Beer actually tastes good.

Root Stew Carefully dumping it overboard

Root Stew is traditional Octopede cuisine, and Grubby's favorite food. No one else (except the Mudblups) can stand to eat it, but in order not to hurt Grubby's feelings they always pretend. And then they try to throw it away. Root stew has other uses, besides eating. It has the consistency of thick glue, and is an amazing weapon for bringing down Gutang fighter planes. The Root Stew jams the planes engines and propellers, causing them to crash. Fortunately Gutangs always wear their parachutes.

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Tweeg's Secret Recipe for Turning
Buttermilk into GOLD!

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