Three Friends

The Story of Teddy Ruxpin


The story of Teddy Ruxpin is the story of a young Iliop named Teddy Ruxpin who set off on an adventure with his best friend, Grubby the Octopede. Teddy and Grubby were both from an island called Rillonia, which lay just south of the large continent known as Grundo. When Teddy and Grubby arrived in Grundo, they landed in Bounder Pass, home of the Bounders. Bounders are large, red, tomato-shaped creatures who's favorite thing to do is harrass people. The Bounders, led by LB, frightened and chased Teddy and Grubby who were rescued by an old man. He was Newton Gimmick, an inventor. He invited Teddy and Grubby to his home.

Teddy and Grubby had come to Grundo with an ancient treasure map and half of an ancient medallion inscribed with the words "SPIRIT" "TREASURE" and "LEDGE". The map pointed them towards the Hard-to-find City, located far to the north. Together, Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick decided to find the treasure. However, someone else found out about the treasure and decided to beat them to it. His name was Jack W. Tweeg, a wanna-be bad guy. He had LB, his underpaid employee, steal the map from Gimmick and plant a false map. This would lead Gimmick and the others on a wild goose chase while he got the treasure himself. Meanwhile, Gimmick showed Teddy and Grubby his greatest invention ever, a ship capable of flying called the Airship. Unfortunately, Gimmick's inventions rarely worked properly and the airship was no exception. However, with a little advice from Teddy and Grubby, his ship left the ground and at last they could begin their real adventures.

Along the way to find the treasure, Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick met many friends. Among them were Leota the woodsprite, the Wooly What's-it, and Prince Arin, son of King Nogburt. Prince Arin told them that his sister, Princess Aruzia, had been kidnapped and he had been captured by the Mudblups while searching for her. Together they went to see the Wizard of Grundo, who told them that Princess Aruzia had been captured by the evil Gutangs who lived in the Hard-to-find City. Together, Teddy, Grubby, Gimmick and Prince Arin went to the Hard-to-find City to rescue Princess Aruzia. They were able to beat Tweeg there and rescue the Princess. Then, as they were escaping with the help of Wooly, they found the other half of the medallion in an ancient ruin stuck in the wall. When Teddy matched his half of the medallion with the other half, the two halves fused and the treasure of Grundo was revealed! The words on the medallion now read, "ONLY THE PURE OF SPIRIT WILL FIND THE TREASURE OF KNOWLEDGE", and six crystals appeared as if by magic.

From here on, the animated story of Teddy Ruxpin focused on the daily adventures of the 3 friends, and the quest to find out the unique powers and abilities of each of the six magic crystals. All this while dealing with the inept antics of Tweeg and LB, as Tweeg tried to become the most powerful villain in the world. New characters were introduced, both friends and adversaries. Probably the most important thing to appear in the series was MAVO, the Monsters and Villains Organization. The leader of MAVO, Quellor, became the chief bad guy in the series, and later episodes became more and more amazing as mysteries were revealed about the crystals, MAVO, the Iliops, and Teddy's own past.

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