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Non shall pass!NEW!!

I got this adorable cel of Ickly Bognostroclum, the Monsters and Villains Organization (MAVO) Keeper of the Gate for Christmas 2006 from my friend Laura. It's a centered, face forward, perfect full-bodied character cel. (Tweeg's Mom)

Strange how those crystals disappear

Eleanor Tweeg gives Ickly the crystals (what's left of them) to show to Quellor. This is the first Teddy Ruxpin cel in my collection, and I'm beyond ecstatic to even have it!! It's from the episode where Tweeg and his mother brought the crystals to MAVO and one by one they disappeared as they changed hands from one person to another. :) This cel came with a copy layout of Quellor's throneroom, but obviously that background is wrong for this cel. (Tweeg's Mom)

The King is poisoned!

This is one of my favorite episodes in the entire series! At the feast, a Gutang spy poisons King Nogbert. The queen quickly tells the guards take him back to his chamber. The cel of Teddy is missing from the setup, but it includes the matching background. (Secret of the Illiops)

Paint, or graphitti?
Screencap 1
Screencap 2

Tweeg and LB posed as painters to try to find the royal treasure in the castle, but were not having any luck. The queen stopped by to see how they were doing, and assumed that Tweeg was LB's assistant! The cel of Queen Lillibit is the first cel in the sequence, but the cel of Tweeg is from a few frames later. The cel(s) with the torch flame, ladder, and paint splotches was not included with this setup, but I was later able to buy the ladder and paint! Includes matching background - the background is actually the same size as those from other cels, but I only scanned the part with the three cels. (Secret of the Illiops)

Paints and Ladders!NEW!!
Screencap 2

After buying the setup above, I later found the ladder and paint cel being sold with a couple of other cels from this and another sequence, so I grabbed them! Here is a scan of the same background, Queen Lillibit, and LB, with a different Tweeg from the same sequence. (Secret of the Illiops)

LB and a bunch of pink paintNEW!!

These cels also came with the paint, ladder, and tweeg cels above, however, they are from a different sequence. I'm not sure if these two cels are actually belong together or not, but since they're completely stuck together at a weird angle, it doesn't really matter. There's also some paint on top of the cel from another cel that must have been stuck to it at some time. (Secret of the Illiops)

Teddy and the Crystals
Original Pencil DrawingScreencap 1
Screencap 2

Teddy shows the crystals that they found at the Hard-to-Find City to the Queen. The first frame is the pencil drawing - teddy sitting at the table. The cel itself shows Teddy pouring the crystals out of a bag onto the table. This episode had so many cool things happen! (Secret of the Illiops)

Teddy, Grubby, and the Queen look at the crystalsNEW!!

This is from another scene at the table immediately after Teddy has poured the crystals onto the table. The cels are stuck together, unfortunately in the wrong order and slightly misaligned. (Secret of the Illiops)


Teddy describes to the Queen how the column rose in the room where they found the magic crystals. (Secret of the Illiops)

Planting Peanuts
Screencap 1Screencap 2
Another cel from the sequencescreencap

Gimmick uses the portable duplicating machine to make buckets of peanuts, and Teddy shows everyone how to plant them by making a hole in the ground with a sharp pointy stick. Unfortunately, the cel of the peanuts is stuck to Teddy and slightly misaligned, and I don't have the cel with the duplicating machine itself. I do have two cels of the sequence with everyone except Teddy, and the matching background. I scanned the second of those cels with the a1 cel of Teddy and the background. The background is also only scanned to the edge of the cel, although it is actually about the same size as the background with the King Nogbert cel above. (Secret of the Illiops)

Planting Peanuts
Screencap 1
Original Pencil DrawingScreencap 2

Gimmick still can't figure out why his compass doesn't work. It doesn't matter, really, as long as they eventually get to Leekee Lake. They have to try to get the crystals back after they sank with the Eclipse. None of these three cels (Teddy, Gimmick, and the Compass) are stuck together, and they came with the drawing of Teddy from a different frame (slightly damaged due to cel sticking). (Leekee Lake)

Retrieve the crystals

This cel is from a few moments before the other diving suit cel. Again, the background that came with it looks like a sky instead of an underwater scene, but it doesn't look bad. I got this one because the image was better centered. Unfortunately, there's some smudging of trace lines. (Leekee Lake)

It's an Underwater World

The Hermit of Leekee Lake left behind this strange diving suit that appeared to have been made just for Illiops! Teddy used to suit to reach the wreck of the Eclipse and retrieve the Crystal Belt. The cel came with the non-matching background (probably supposed to be a blue sky), but they still look pretty good together. Unfortunately, the cel was also physically cropped by the seller, cutting off the left side of the cel in order to make the image appear centered when the left side was lined up with the edge of the background. At least the image is intact. (Leekee Lake)

Storm at Sea
Screencap 1Screencap 2

The Subwater Boat that Teddy and the others found was much too heavy for the airship to lift, so they decided to try to take it home by sea. Teddy steered the subwater boat while towing the airship behind. Unfortunately, a huge storm sprang up - before long in the distance they saw another ship signaling for help. This is a cel of Teddy piloting the subwater boat through the storm. The cel of the ocean waves is a few frames off from the cel of Teddy. Also, the foreground cel with the water was badly misaligned when I got the cel. Teddy's eyes are on that cel, so it was necessary to realign the cel in order for Teddy to not look like a weird alien creature. It was slightly stuck, and although there wasn't any paint loss in the blue, the trace lines weren't so lucky. I'd like to make a correction layer for the trace lines on this cel. Interesting thing about this cel - in the space where Teddy's eyes are, on the cel underneath his eyes are drawn in that strange anime style where they look like the number "3" - more commonly used in older manga (certain Leiji Matsumoto characters have those eyes, or if you've seen Maison Ikkoku, think of Soichiro-san the dog). (Octopede Sailors)

Original Pencil Drawing

This is from an episode that I don't have on tape, but it's instantly recognizable. During a blizzard, strange noises scare Wooly and the others so that they all end up hiding. The most interesting part of this cel is the two little rabbit-like creatures in the center. They're the Wogglies, Gramps and Wiggs Woggley. This is the only episode in the entire 65 episode run of The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin in which they appear. They were introduced in the book and tape "Lost in Boggley Woods", but that adventure was never animated. So it was a little strange to have these creatures show up - everyone seemed to know who they were, and yet they had never been introduced in the cartoon. There are also some very cute Fobs in this cel (the multi-colored flightless birds). The cel is slightly oversized, and the pencil drawing that came with this cel is interesting because part of it was cut out of the center and replaced with a photocopy of some of the characters - you can see the tape line around Grubby and Teddy. (Wooly and the Giant Snozos)

and Snozos!

Another cel from the same episode! Gimmick comes face to face with a young Snozo! And he didn't believe they existed. The background that came with this cel is beyond gorgeous! (Wooly and the Giant Snozos)

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