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Come Dream with Me Tonight

We'll go to far off places, and search for treasures bright

The Airship Rises
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Screencap 3

This is a cel used as Teddy and his friends lift off from the Great Desert after escaping from the Mudblups with Prince Arin. This is a book cel - in the video, the Airship appeared to come from behind the large rocks in the foreground up into the sky. Includes both matching foreground and background in addition to the airship cel. (The Treasure of Grundo/Beware of the Mudblups)

Wooly Whats-it?
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After escaping from the Mudblups, our heroes stop at Rainbow Falls to get water, but are blocked by a large purple furry monster. At first he tells them to go away, but after hearing about their search for the missing princess he decides to help them and shows them the way to the Wizard of Grundo. This is from the scene where the Wooly Whats-it, upon being told that they are searching for the missing princess, says, "How come she's lost?" The water cel is one frame off from where the cel of Wooly lies in the sequence. Includes matching background. (The Treasure of Grundo/Guests of the Grunges)

Not enough lift

Although they try to take Wooly with them in the airship, the balloon can't provide enough lift to get off the ground with something so heavy on board. Instead, they have to walk to the Wizard's house. This is a scene of Gimmick working the airship controls, trying unsuccessfully to take off. Includes matching background. (Guests of the Grunges)

In the Grunge Village

On the way to the Wizard's house, Teddy and friends pass through the Jungle with No Name where they meet the Grunges. The Grunges invite them to stay for a party to celebrate their vegetable harvest (and in honor of Prince Arin), but Arin is in a hurry to find out what happened to his sister and doesn't want to stop. He's effectively overruled as everyone else wants to stop and rest. In this scene, Grubby and Teddy add their opinions - Grubby wants food, and Teddy thinks it would be polite for them to accept the invitation. Includes matching background. (Guests of the Grunges)

Round and round she goes
Screencap 1
Screencap 2

This table is like a gaint ouija board that the Wizard of Grundo uses to "communicate with the mystic spirits". Yeah, he's a total sham. In this scene, the table is spelling out the word "Gutang" in order to tell Teddy and his friends who kidnapped Princess Aruzia. When it focuses on Grubby and Gimmick in this cel, it's on the letter "u". In this particular setup, the cels are a little mismatched - Grubby and Gimmick are the first cel in the sequence, but the arm from the table doesn't move into that position until a few frames later. I love the whole episode at the Wizard's house. I especially love how he manages to get every last bit of money out of Prince Arin. XD Includes matching background. (The Treasure of Grundo/In the Fortress of the Wizard)

You might want to sit down for this...
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

I bought this background with one of the cels of everyone planting peanuts at Nogburt's castle, knowing that it was from a different scene. Not too long after, a cel of Prince Arin from the matching scene appeared on ebay, and I grabbed it! Interestingly, there are MATCHING staple holes on the cel and the background - this cel was origially attached to this background by the studio. Isn't that cool!?!This background is used in about 1/2 the scenes in the Wizard's house. In the frame I chose to screencap (which is from the same sequence as the cel), Arin is watching the table as it finishes spelling the word Gutang, right before he stands up and says, "Gutang?". A second later Wizard tells them that the Princess is being held prisoner by the "flying Gutangs". Grubbys says, "The Flying Gutangs? Oh, boy, a trapeze act!" and Prince Arin says, "But my sister is afraid of heights." XD What a total nitwit! I love Prince Arin. (The Treasure of Grundo/In the Fortress of the Wizard)

Push, LB!

I'm not sure exactly where this cel is from without pulling out the video tapes, but it's definitely from a scene in the first five episodes where Tweeg is reading the map he stole from Gimmick while LB pushes the cart up a hill into the mountains.

Let the old man do all the heavy lifting

After leaving the Wizard and Wooly behind, they land at the foot of the Treacherous Mountains in order to camp for the night. In this scene, Gimmick is collecting fuel for the airship while Grubby makes root stew. Unfortunately, there's a foreground missing with Grubby's hand stirring the root stew and steam rising from it. Includes matching background. (The Treasure of Grundo/In the Fortress of the Wizard)

It's just a wall

This background actually came from the seller with a cel from a completely different scene (as did the cel of the curtain at the Wizard's house). After rescuing the Princess and finding the mysterious crystals in the Hard-to-find City, Teddy and his friends try to find their way back to the airship. They see it not too far away, but as Teddy and Prince Arin lean over the wall looking at it, the Gutangs catch up to them and begin to attack! A Gutang spear hits the wall right where Teddy and Arin were just standing! (Escape from the Treacherous Mountain)

I'll handle this...
Screencap 1
Screencap 2

Even though they reached the airship, the fight with the Gutangs was far from over. A Gutang flying machine was coming in close to the airship, and in this scene Prince Arin is saying, "I'll handle this," and then he shoots down the Gutang plane with his slingshot of root stew. Unfortunately, he wasn't quick enough because just before it went down it shot a bunch of spears toward the airship.... The cel of Gimmick is the first cel in the sequence, but the cel of Arin doesn't appear until a few frames later. Includes matching background. (Escape from the Treacherous Mountain)

Brave, yet stupid

Most of the spears lodged themselves into the wood of the airship, but one spear managed to hit the balloon. Teddy grabbed a spoonful of root stew and climbed up the spears in the mast like a ladder, up to the top of the balloon, and used the sticky root stew to plug the leak. In this cel, he's just coming down from the balloon. Interestingly, I scanned the cel with the spears in front of the mast, but the scene was actually shot with the spears and Teddy's hand behind the mast (it's a book cel). The cloudy sky background is a non-matching background (although it's still most likely from Teddy Ruxpin, as it came with these cels). (Escape from the Treacherous Mountain)

Not dead yet

Wooly bravley (stupidly?) leapt from the Hard-to-Find City onto a passing Gutang flying machine and hung on to its tail, causing the pilot to lose control. The plane severed the line that was preventing the airship from escaping the Hard-to-Find City, and then plummeted to the ground below. The next scene, we see poor Wooly, lying on the ground surrounded by the wreckage of the plane. Thinking that he's passed on (not bothering to actually check, of course), his friends stand around and eulogize him until he suddenly wakes up. These are the A1-Tome (wreckage, also painted on background) and B1-Tome (Grubby, Arin, Aruzia) cels of the scene - Teddy and Gimmick are the only two who move, and they must be on different cels. Includes matching background. (Escape from the Treacherous Mountain)

Well, Whadd'ya know?NEW!!

I'm pretty sure this is from the same scene as the one above. The background is matching according to the numbers on it and on the cel, and it looks like the exact same location. Arin is so cute, yet somewhat goofy. Hopefully later I'll have time to get a screencap.

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