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You never know what the day will bring, so let's go adventuring!

Quellor's throneroom

This is a photocopy of a layout drawing for the background of Quellor's throne room. Even though it's just a copy, I think it's neat to see the rough drawing like this. Although it was sold with the Ickly Bognostroclum cel on the other page, they don't go together.


This was a nice cel of Grubby. It was sold with the cel of Tweeg reading the newspaper below, although the cels are from completely different scenes. I also expect that it doesn't go with the blue background or the cel of what appears to be the airship or something, but I went ahead and put it with them in order to kill three birds with one scan. In order to make it "fit" with the Tweeg cel, this cel was physically cropped down the right side. A small part of the cut cel with Grubby's tail was included in the package I received from the seller, so I went ahead and scanned it with that part included. Because of the missing piece, I have no way to know the sequence number of this cel.

The Search for Tweeg?

This is a great cel of Tweeg reading the Grundo Gazette with his name in the headline! I think the full headline might be Search for Tweeg. The newspaper is on a different layer than most of the rest of Tweeg, and it was obviosly misaligned for some time before I got it since you can see trace line remnants all over the cel. This cel came with the Grubby cel above, although it's from a completely different scene. The left side of this cel was physically cropped in order to line it up with Grubby, and part of the newspaper was cut off. Despite this, it's still a really neat cel!! I think it might be from the later part of the series, but it's definitely from an episode I don't have on tape. I cleaned up the scan a little and used this image in the title of the "News" section of this site!

Is that a snowball?

This is a cute cel of my favorite villain, Tweeg! The trace lines are a little messed up, but it's still a pretty nice cel. This cel was sold with the Hard-to-Find City wall background on the first page of cels. I think the book in Tweeg's hand might be his MAVO handbook, which might make this cel from the first half of the series. However, I think it's from an episode that I don't have on tape.

Princess AruziaNEW!!

I need to rewatch the series in order to figure out which episode this cel is from. However, it's an adorable cel of Princess Aruzia.

Teddy and Grubby and a Mudblup costumeNEW!!

Teddy and Grubby made Mudblup costumes to dress up like Mudblups for some reason, though I can't remember which episode it's from.

Leekee Lake

This absolutely stunning background of Leekee Lake was sold with the cel of Teddy explaining how the column with the crystals rose in the center of the room on the previous page. It seems to have a little oily stain on the center of the bottom half of the cel, and you can see the lines from the edge of the cel that was stored with this background. It's still beautiful, although I can't seem to find it in any of the episodes that I have on tape.

A Mudblup cave?

This background appears to be a Mudblup cave scene. It was sold with the cel of Arin that matches the curtain background.

Another Mudblup cave?

This background also looks like a Mudblup cave. It's cropped to the size of a standard cel, and was sold with the cel of LB pushing Tweeg's cart up a hill.

Another cave or rock wallNEW!!

This is another cave or rock wall background. It came with a totally unrelated cel.

Probably not from Teddy Ruxpin

This background came with the cel of Teddy climbing the Gutang spears on the first page. However, not only does it not match the scene, but I doubt it's even from the Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin. It looks sort of futuristic and metallic - I wonder if it might be from Dinosaucers or some other DIC animation. Like the Leekee Lake background, there are some strange oily-looking spots on this background. If anyone knows where this is from, please let me know. Thanks!


This yellow background came with an unrelated Teddy Ruxpin cel.

Home, sweet home.NEW!!

THis house doesn't look like a Teddy Ruxpin background, but it came with one of the cels. I doubt it's from Teddy Ruxpin, however.

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