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Teddy Ruxpin story board part 1

These are the most important pieces of North American animation art that I own. I got them from Celebrities Animation Gallery in Canada. They're story boards from the Teddy Ruxpin cartoon. These 4 story boards are done in pencil, taped together in places. They show a song sequence for the song "Gimmick".

Teddy Ruxpin story board part 2

I'm nearly 100% sure that the lyrics on this page are incorrect, at least as they were actually sung in the episode. Grubby's line in the second panel should read "Just might need ignoring." Repeating the word "exploring" twice just sounds totally wrong. I guess I could be wrong and just not hearing the lyric right, but I like "ignoring" better. It's a lot cuter.

Teddy Ruxpin story board part 3

I have been searching for Teddy Ruxpin cels for a while, and it was many years before I found anyone who had any. I was SO excited to get these story boards! I had these on my main Animation Cel Gallery website for a long time, and I'm really happy that I finally have enough cels and art to have a Teddy Ruxpin gallery.

Teddy Ruxpin story board part 4

I went to try to track down these storyboards in the actual episode itself. The episode they were supposed to be a part of is episode 27, The Crystal Book. The song itself was used at least twice in the series - once in The Crystal Book, and again in episode 52, Gimmick's Gizmos and Gadgets. However, after watching the episodes I have found that the actual animation in both these song sequences is very different from the story boards that I have. I can only assume that my story boards are a working copy that was changed before the animation was done.

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