Places in Grundo (A-L)

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Ben's Beach

Ben's Beach

This is the home of the Surf Grunges. Surf Grunges have two main hobbies -- surfing and playing rock-and-roll. They speak with a dialect native to California in the United States. Tweeg's father, Elroy Tweeg, is a Surf Grunge.

Boggley Woods

This is the home of the Woggleys. Woggleys are rabbit-like creatures who only speak in rhyme. The Woggley first appear in the story "Lost in Boggley Woods." This story was never animated for the television series. However, Gramps and Wiggs Woggley do appear once in the television series in the episode "Wooly and the Giant Snozos". The Elf Village is located in Boggley Woods.

Bounder Pass

Bounder Pass

This is the home of the Bounders, red tomato-shaped creatures with two legs and a single horn in the top of their heads. Their only interests are in teasing other people and small animals. The leader of the bounders working for Tweeg is LB.

Eleanor Tweeg

Tweeg's Mom's House

This is Eleanor Tweeg's House. It is just south of the Wall of Ying in the northern part of Grundo. When MAVO captured the Hermit, they hid him at Eleanor's house in order to trick Teddy.

Elf Village

Elf Village   Leota's School Tree

The Elf Village is located in Boggley Woods. The elves and woodsprites live together in relative harmony. The children of the elves and sprites (and one large purple Snozo) go to school at Leota's School Tree.

Elroy Tweeg

Elroy Tweeg (Tweeg's dad) lives by himself on a beach on the other side of Rillonia.

Gimmick's Valley

Gimmick's House

Gimmick's Valley is where Gimmick lives with his pet fob, Fuzz. Teddy and Grubby stay with Gimmick while they are visiting Grundo.

The Great Desert

I don't see anything so great about it.

The Great Desert is located across the southwest part of Grundo. It stretches from Woodley Bog on the east to the Mushroom Forest on the north. The western edge of the Great Desert has never been shown. The Great Desert conceals beneath itself both Trembly Fault and the Mudblup Caves.

The Hard-to-Find City

The Hard-to-Find City

The Hard-to-Find City is one of the centerpieces of the story. When Teddy and Grubby first came to Grundo, they came searching for a hidden treasure located in the Hard-to-Find City. The Hard-to-Find City is currently occupied by the evil Gutangs, a race of warriors who posess the technology of motorized aircraft. Their prop-planes allow them to terrorize the surrounding countryside, and their eventual goal would appear to be the conquest of Grundo. They have an ambassador to MAVO, but do not seem to be full-fledged members. The early history of the Hard-to-Find City and it's amazing technology and magic is the subject of much of the series.

The Hermit's Cave

The Hermit's Cave

The Hermit of Leaky Lake lived in this mysterious and spooky cave in the middle of Leaky Lake.

The Jungle with No Name

A Jungle Grunge

The Jungle with No Name is the home of the Jungle Grunges. Jungle Grunges live deep in the heart of the Jungle. Their favorite food is Grunge Gumbo. Grunge Gumbo contains three important vitamins, vitamins X, Y, and Z. Vitamin Z has an unusual effect on Ilipers, as accidentally discovered by Prince Arin. When Prince Arin consumed the Grunge Gumbo, he turned into the "Iron Warrior", a super-powerful version of himself. This phenomenom was also observed in Princess Arusia, who also powered-up into the "Aluminum Amazon". Jungle Grunges are powerful creatures who, though lacking in social graces, are good allies for Teddy and his friends.

King Nogburt's Castle

King Nogburt's Castle

King Nogburt is the King of Grundo, and he, his wife, and two children Arin and Arusia reign from his castle in the west. King Nogburt is a good king, and his subjects respect him and his family. However, the area around the castle has been plagued by difficulties. A drought (manufactured by the Gutangs!) had stripped the land and the people barely had enough food to survive. In addition the dreaded Gutangs had begun to attack those farmers who had managed to survive as part of their plan to conquer Grundo. To top things off, a Gutang spy was posing as a jester at the court and he poisoned King Nogburt. The Gutangs definitely have their sights set on King Nogburt's castle.

Leaky Lake

Leaky Lake

Leaky Lake is located north of Mizley Meadows. It is the home of the Hermit of Leaky Lake, a mysterious figure who for many years existed only in legend. Leaky Lake is where Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick find the subwater boat, and the diving suit that only Teddy or another Iliop could wear. Eventually the Eclipse (MAVO's airship) crashes and sinks into Leaky Lake, and a recovery operation was mounted to find the crystals that had sank along with the ship. This is when we discover the 4th crystal's ability to produce oxygen in water when Teddy was confronted by Dredge, Drudge's cousin who was sent by MAVO to find the Black Box.

Kit and Usa's Home