Places in Grundo (M-Z)

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MAVO Headquarters

We love our MAVO

MAVO -- the Monsters and Villains Organization. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Mizley Meadows

The Mizley Meadows are a large flat grassland between Gimmick's Valley and Leekee Lake.

Moss Forest

The Moss Forest is located south of the Hard-to-find City, north of the Wizard's House.

Mudblup Caves

The Mudblup Caves

The Mudblup Caves are beneath the Great Desert. The Mudblups don't leave their caves very often, preferring the cold, damp, darkness to the blinding sun and heat of the desert above.

Mushroom Forest

The Mushroom Forest, located on the edge of the Great Desert, is the home of the Anythings.

Octopede Ships

Octopede Sailors

Octopedes are traditionally skilled sailors, and ships such as Captain Zelza's can sometimes be found sailing the seas around Grundo.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is a centerpoint in Grundo. The water from Rainbow Falls travels through underground channels all over Grundo, and is responsible for the brightly colored creatures such as Fobs and Wooly What's-it. Even drinking just a little of the water of Rainbow Falls can cause unusual color effects in people and creatures. There is a cave at the top of the falls with stones that create the beautiful colors.



Rillonia is the home of the Iliops (or at least the home of those Iliops who traveled south after the fall of the Hard-to-find City to the Gutangs, but that's another story). The Iliops homes are just like they are; quaint, quiet, and sensible. Obviously too quiet for a young Iliop with an adventurous spirit.

Ruxpin Family Home

Teddy's Home

Teddy Ruxpin's home in Rillonia is a cute, quiet-looking cottage. It was in this small, out-of-the-way place Teddy found the map and medallion that started him on his journey.

Trembly Fault

Who's fault was it?

Trembly Fault is a large, geologically active fault that runs all the way through Grundo (and possibly up into Ying as well). It's most visible in the Great Desert where it stands out like a giant canyon, but if you study the map of Grundo you will notice the trend of the fault running past Rainbow Falls, under Leekee Lake, and up towards the Great Wall of Ying.

Tweeg's Tower

Tweeg's Tower

Tweeg's Tower is a small, spindly stone building overlooking Gimmick's valley. Jack W. Tweeg lives in this tower from where he can shoot his cannon in the general direction of Gimmick's house.

The Volcano

There is an active Volcano on the edge of the Great Desert. It probably has some relation (geologically speaking) to Trembly Fault.

The Wizard of WeeGee

The Wizard's house

The home of the Wizard of Grundo is the last hope for the desperate. For a small fee, the Wizard can use his Magic Eye to show events from all over Grundo.

Woodley Bog

Woodley Bog

Woodley Bog is a swamp full of quicksand. It's not very pleasant.

Wooly What's-It

Wooly's House

The Wooly What's-it lives in his house near Rainbow Falls and the Elf Village.

The Land of Ying

Is not the kind of place to go on a vacation. Ying is the home of most of the monsters and villains in the world. The Great Wall of Ying was built long ago, presumably to keep the evil forces out of the peaceful land of Grundo. Was the Wall built by the powerful ancient Iliops, who once kept watch from the Hard-to-find City? We may never know.

The Ying Zoo

The Ying Zoo

The Ying Zoo is an attraction run by the Sorcerer of Ying. At the zoo you can see many unhappy creatures on exhibit. Just be careful that you don't end up in a cage too.

Kit and Usa's Home