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The Story of Kit and Usa (Continued)

"There you are!" yelled the little creature in a shrill voice. The little rabbit cowered and ran behind Kit. "I found you at last! The hour of reckoning has come!" it squealed, diving down towards them.

"Excuse me," called Kit as the creature approached. "Hold it...STOP!" The little creature pulled out of the dive and hovered in mid-air, right in front of Kit's nose. "Yes?" it asked.

"What are you, and what are you doing to this rabbit?" asked Kit.

"I'm a forest spirit. Our job is to protect the plants and animals who live in this forest. My job, specifically, is to protect the mice and rodents."

"So, you're the Rat Fairy?" asked Kit. "If you're the Rat Fairy, then why are you picking on this poor little rabbit?"

"She attacked me!" cried the rabbit suddenly. "I was just hopping along, minding my own business, when this thing flew down out of the trees and started whacking me over the head with a stick!"

"It's not a stick! It's my magic wand!"

"Whatever. Look, why did you attack the rabbit?"

"Because he was naughty. He was teasing the field mice and bopping them on their little heads. I used to give three chances, but I've learned that rabbits never change. They just like to torture poor, defenseless little mice. I'm going to change this little bunny Foo-foo into a goon, so that he won't be able to hurt my poor little mice ever again."

"Foo-foo?" Kit turned around and looked at the rabbit. "That's the dumbest name I've ever heard," he said with a laugh.

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