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January 1, 2005! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu! Happy New Year! I'm sorry it's been SO long since I've updated! There's a lot that needs to be done, and a lot that's happened in the past couple of years. Most importantly, the first series of Nintama Rantarou has been released on DVD in Japan! There are currently two box sets available with all the episodes that were released on the first 22 volume VHS series. I'm so happy! I've added information about the most recent volumes of the manga, volume 32-36. I also added a couple of CD singles to the CD page. Some new merchandise added to the Goods page, including a ton of new animation cels and drawings to the cels page. At the Library there are some things you can download, including a couple of Hotbar skins, a few computer backgrounds, and some fan art to look at! I'm also planning to add two new sections to the site! The first is about the Nintama Rantarou live-action stage shows. I actually got to go to one of these once, and it was great!! The second new section is about Amako-sensei's OTHER manga, Hamuko Mairu! Thanks for waiting! The links aren't active yet, but hopefully they will be soon.

Welcome, Nintama, to Ninjutsu Gakuen. In a short time, you too can become a certified (certifiable?) Nintama Rantarou fan! Please choose from the following courses for self-study. When you have finished, you may take the test to become a Ninjutsu Gakuen graduate!

    • Level 1: Nintama Rantarou - What is it?

        Level 2: Nintama Rantarou - Who are the characters?

          Level 3: Nintama Rantarou - The Anime

            Level 4: Rakudai Ninja Rantarou - The Manga

              Level 5: Nintama Rantarou - CD List

                Level 6: Nintama Rantarou Goods

                  Level 7: Toshoshitsu - The Library

                    Level 8: Nintama ON STAGE (Coming soon!)

        Finished all your coursework? Then take THE TEST and see how much you've learned!

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